Community Futures Cedar Lake Lot 403 Che Mem Maskanow Road (Opaskawayak Cree Nation), P.O. Box 569, The Pas, MB - Phone: (204) 627-5450
Photo by Jamie Perchaluk

Cedar Lake Board of Directors/Staff






Carrie Atkinson


Town of The Pas


Raymond Cook

Muriel Halibiski

Community of Grand Rapids

Secretary & *CEDC Chairperson

Evangelene Nasikapow


Moose Lake/Mosahiken Cree Nation

Treasurer & *IRC Chairperson

Rod Berezowecki


RM of Kelsey


Yvonne Ballantyne


Misipawistik Cree Nation


Bert Fedoriw

Brad Wyatt

Porcupine Area Sub-Region


Geri Munro


Highway 77 Sub-Region


Garfield McKay Vacant Easterville


Rob Leach






Chemawawin Cree Nation


Mary-Lou Leask


Sapotaweyak Cree Nation/Pelican Rapids


Darryl Bauer


Opaskwayak Cree Nation





* CEDC - Community Economic Development Committee
* IRC - Investment Review Committee





General Manager

 Joe Cote

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Loans Officer/Business Analyst

Currently Vacant



Administrative Assistant

Brenda Gazdewich

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Board Appointment Procedure

When a vacancy occurs, the procedure the Corporation shall follow is;

The process in which a Board representative is requested

  1. The Member Community will receive a letter from Community Futures Cedar Lake Region two  (2)  months prior to the expiration of an existing board member’s term asking them to recommend an individual to sit as a representative for their community.
  2. In the case of the Sub-Regions (Highway #77 Sub-Region and Porcupine Area Sub-Region), all Members  will receive a letter asking them to make recommendation to the Cedar Lake Board
  3. If a recommendation is not forthcoming before the Director's expiration date,  the Corporation will advertise the vacancy in the community or region to encourage the general public to  make recommendations.
  4. If there are no applicants or interested individuals after advertising, the Corporation shall then approach qualified individuals directly and encourage them to apply

Before a Member Community recommends an individual, they should consider the following;

 An  individual should be:

  •  A person that is supportive of the complete Region,
  • A person that is willing to take board training,
  • A person that has some business experience,
  • A person that has some experience as a board member,
  • A person that is able to express themselves and communicate freely,
  • A person that is able to share and bring forth ideas,
  • A person that is committed as a board member.

When multiple recommendations for a Director position exist, an Ad-hoc Selection Committee will be formed, this committee shall:

  • Consist of a minimum of three (3) Board Members to a maximum of five (5) board members,
  • Consist of Northern Representatives to select Southern Representatives and "Vice versa".

Board Composition

The property and business of the Corporation shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of a maximum of seventeen.  A majority of active members of the Board of Directors constitute a quorum at meetings of the Board for the transaction of business.

The ownership and control of the Corporation is vested in the Board of Directors, who represent a cross-section of geographic and sectorial interests throughout the region.  Representatives will represent the following community groups:  First Nations, Northern Affairs, Community Organizations and Urban Industrial.

The Corporation will strive to have gender balanced representation.  Composition of the board will aim to represent the following sectors:

  • Business
  • Communication
  • Tourism
  • Transportation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Economic / Community Development