Community Futures White Horse Plains PO Box 427, 14 Main Street East, Elie, MB - Phone: (204) 353-4200

Mission and Vision

Our Vision

We are the small business experts for the entrepreneurs in our region and though collaboration, we build prosperity in our community.

Our Mission

Community Futures White Horse Plains works with new and existing businesses and entrepreneurs, enabling us to foster successful economic development in our communities.

Our Values & Beliefs

Our values and beliefs are the essential and enduring guiding principles that define our culture, distinguish us from others, and underpin our brand promise.

  • We believe in making dreams and visions come true regardless of how small or big they are
  • The diverse entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in rural Canada
  • We believe in thriving, prosperous rural communities
  • We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves when it gets tough to help you see it through to the end
  • We value respect, integrity, excellence, accountability, collaboration, teamwork, and above all, community

Our Strategic Plan 2016-2020