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Community Futures White Horse Plains PO Box 427, Elie, MB - Phone: (204) 353-4200

White Horse Plains News

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Once again, we are pleased to be offering our Creating Community Growth Grants to the communities in the White Horse Plains region. Our organization supports community development and one of…
Our organization supports rural entrepreneurship and one of the ways we strive to help create community prosperity is by investing in our small businesses.  We are offering non-repayable grants, up…
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 Community Futures White Horse Plains believes in the power of communities and the individuals who live in them. We recognize that White Horse Plains region holds vibrant communities with new…
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Community Futures White Horse Plains
PO Box 427
Elie, MB
Phone: (204) 353-4200


About Community Futures White Horse Plains

Providing financing and support to rural entrepreneurs to develop their potential. Community Futures White Horse Plains strengthens communities in the region through innovative business and community economic development support services.