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Community Futures White Horse Plains PO Box 427, Elie, MB - Phone: (204) 353-4200

2024 – Creating Community Growth Grants

Once again, we are pleased to be offering our Creating Community Growth Grants to the communities in the White Horse Plains region.

Our organization supports community development and one of the ways we strive to help create community prosperity is by investing in our communities.

The project must support growth and directly impact economic development in your community. It must also have a direct impact on employment creation OR will improve the community so as to make it more desirable for growth in either the residential or business sectors of your community.

The link will take you directly to the application.  Need more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Community Futures White Horse Plains
PO Box 427
Elie, MB
Phone: (204) 353-4200


About Community Futures White Horse Plains

Providing financing and support to rural entrepreneurs to develop their potential. Community Futures White Horse Plains strengthens communities in the region through innovative business and community economic development support services.