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Creating Community Growth Grants Awarded to Local Non-Profits

Six non-profit organizations in the Community Futures White Horse Plains region were the lucky recipients of the CFWHP Creating Community Growth Grant Program. 

These non-repayable grants of up to $5,000.00 in matching funds were part of a new annual program to assist local organizations undertaking projects that create economic development and growth of the community.  It will also have an impact on employment creation OR will improve the community so as to make it more desirable for growth in either the residential or business area of the community. 

While there were many worthwhile applications, only a selection of them were successful as there was a limited amount of dollars available. 

 The successful applicants were:

Oakville Curling Club – kitchen upgrades ($4,050.00)

(Pictured above.)

Oakland Recreation Club – new lighting and tables ($3023.72)

Darren MacDonald OaklandCC

Fort La Reine Museum – new fence ($5,000.00)

Tracey Turner Fort La Reine

Southport Aerospace Inc. – baseball diamond restoration ($5,000.00)

Mark Austin Southport

Elie Community Club – kitchen upgrades ($4,390.57)

Chery Stock Elie CC

Prairie Sky Child Care Center – roof repairs ($5,000.00)

(Not Pictured.)

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