Community Futures Winnipeg River 4 Park Avenue, Box 505, Lac du Bonnet, MB - Phone: (204) 345-2514

Board of Directors/Committee

The Current Board of Directors is comprised of the following people:

Florence Campbell, Chairperson - Member at Large
Rhonda Henshcell, Vice Chairperson - LGD of Pinawa
Blaine Webster, Secretary-Treasurer - RM of Reynolds
Gary Berthelette - Town of Powerview-PineFalls
Brian Choptain - Town of Lac du Bonnet
Linda Dorie - Sagkeeng First Nation
Glen Fuhl - RM of Springfield
Grant Hein - RM of Lac du Bonnet
Luke Ingeberg - RM of Brokenhead
Glen Kaatz - Town of Beausejour
Mac Kinghorn - RM of Alexander
Glenn Malkoske - RM of Whitemouth
Graham Randle - RM of Victoria Beach
 Vacant - Community of Manigotagan

Executive Committee: Consisting of the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson, Secretary/Treasurer, the Executive Committee. The Executive monitor the effectiveness of the Corporation in achieving its stated goals and objectives and works with the Executive Director to prepare recommendations to the full board regarding by-laws, policies, planning, budgeting and personnel matters.

Investment Review Committee: The Investment Review Committee consists of 5 persons, of which the majority must be Board Director. The ideal IRC composition will consist of diverse experience and knowledge relative to entrepreneurship, small-medium business development and mangement, and commercial lending. IRC members are appointed annually in January by the Board of Directors. The IRC determines the viability of applications and has the authority to make investments on behalf of Community Futures Winnipeg River. The IRC meets as often as required. 

Current IRC members include the following Board Directors:

Rhonda Henschell - IRC Chairperson
Gary Berthelette - IRC Director
Florence Campbell - IRC Director
Grant Fuhl - IRC Director
Blaine Webster - IRC Director

Other Committeess: Ad-hoc committees are formed on an as-needed basis for special projects and initiatives.

Board Composition: The property and business of the Corporation shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisisting of a minimum of eleven and a maximum of seventeen Directors. The ownership and control of the Corporation is vested in the Board of Directors, who represent a cross-section of geographic and sectorial interests from throughout the region. The Corporation will strive to have gender balanced representation and a variety of skills and experience in board governance and in areas related to our services of business development, lending, and/or community economic development. Should the Board recognize that desired areas of knowledge are missing, the Board may appoint Members at Large to fill gaps as long as the maximum number of Directors is not exceeded.

Board Recruitment: To reach the desired board composition, each community within the region is provided with one seat on the Board.  The local government of each community in the region is considered to be a "member" of CFWR and as such has the right to appoint one person to the CFWR Board of Directors.  The representative may be from the local Council or the community at large. Each member shall designate its director by resolution provided in writing to CFWR by December 1st of each year.  If a member has not appointed a director by December 1st, the seat will be deemed vacant.  In the case where a member chooses not to appoint a director, or where no communication of intent is received by December 1st, the Board of Directors shall have the right to fill this vacancy to ensure the minimum board size of 11 directors exist.  If the minimum number of directors is not reached at December 1st or at any other time of the year, an open call for director appointments will be made to all members and the current Board of Directors will pass a resolution requiring a 2/3 majority vote to determine new directors which will be termed Directors at Large.  An open call for Directors at Large may also be issued at any time the Board determines that gaps exist in required skills, knowledge, geographic areas and/or sectors.  Appointed Directors are encouraged to remain on the Board for multiple one year terms to a maximum of nine.