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1. Do you write grant applications for other organizations?

We will work with organizations to aid in grant writing, but the lead grant writer must be appointed from the organization. The applying agency is most familiar with the initiative and will be responsible for both the project and grant funding. CFWR can mentor grant writers to enhance their skills and can review applications to help strengthen them prior to submission.

2. Should our organization undertake a strategic planning process?

Strategic planning is a tool that can greatly benefit any non-profit or for-profit agency of any sector, size or stage of development. Groups create a shared future vision; determine priorities and goals; and design a road map showing how to get there. Through strategic planning organizations can improve communication and teamwork; better align activities and resources; develop clear strategies and action plans; and heighten understanding and commitment to the organization. Your organization should consider strategic planning if these benefits sound good to you.

3. In what ways can CFWR help strengthen our nonprofit organization?

If your nonprofit would like to increase efficiency/effectiveness; investigate the feasibility of taking on a new project/initiative; or find ways to enhance its resources; give us a call to see what support or advice we can offer.

4. Is there a cost for your services?

As long as your organization or business is located within our geographic service area, there is no cost for our services.

5. Do you provide any business grants, forgivable loans or non-repayable funding?

No, the financial assistance we offer comes in the form of repayable loans to new or expanding businesses in the region.

6. What is the interest rate for loans?

Prime plus 3%.