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7 Questions Your Customers Wish You Asked

Have you ever wished for a device to read the minds of your customers or clients? While we don’t have a spare mind-reading machine lying around, Community Futures Manitoba has come up with a list of the top questions your customers wished you asked.

Read on to learn how to better communicate with clients, more successfully serve them, and consistently improve your business relationships for a more loyal following. Then, receive a free e-book filled with strategies to engage customers and fellow professionals! 

  1. What is the one thing that we could do that you always wished a [your niche/industry] company did?

Not many organizations and entrepreneurs periodically check in with their customers and clients. Either they don’t want to hear criticism or they assume that all is well... and you know that old cliché about assuming.  

Reaching out to clients either via phone or face to face (if you only have a handful of contacts) or via automated survey email (if you have a larger number of customers) is the perfect way to consistently test the temperature of your relationship. Are customers 100% satisfied? If not, what can you do to change that?

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  1. What would cause you to move to one of our competitors?

Every customer prioritizes different things—shipping speed, low cost, 24/7 service—though they may not always tell you as much right off the bat. Asking what would break your relationship and cause them to move to a competitor gets straight to the heart of what makes them tick, so you can meet their particular definition of great customer service every time.

  1. What made you want to work with us/buy from us in the first place?

Who doesn’t love sharing their story? For instance, let’s say that you’re a wedding planner. Your customers—marrying couples looking to make their wedding day fantastic—would probably love to discuss why they hired you to make their event perfect, and the conversation could help you get to know these customers on a more personal level.

Plus, from an entrepreneurial perspective, this question identifies your biggest company differentiators and the pain points that you can focus in on to convert undecided prospects into customers.

  1. How would you like to be communicated with, and how often?

In our digital world, we can reach customers through email, social media, telephone (calls and texts), and face to face. Inquire about what their preferred method and frequency of communication is so you can connect with them on their ideal device or platform, and most importantly, avoid being an annoyance. According to CIO, the top two reasons that people unsubscribe from emails are:

  • Not realizing they signed up in the first place (basically, receiving emails that they never intended to receive)
  • Receiving too many emails

Uncovering your customers’ communication preferences ensures that these pesky situations never arise.

  1. What’s the best customer service experience you’ve ever encountered?

A clever way to find out how to go above and beyond for your clients. If a client says that their dentist pleasantly surprised them with a yearly happy birthday card and holiday card, for instance, consider borrowing that idea to make a positive impression.

  1. What are your biggest challenges right now?

Your business’ biggest selling point is its ability to add value to customers’ lives; demonstrate that you can resolve a problem like training and boarding their pets and they’ll become loyal supporters.

That’s where the question “what are your biggest challenges right now?” comes into play. It focuses on specific ways that you can help customers free up time, save money, live healthier, etc. Ask and you’ll discover insights that could help to develop products or services tailored to addressing these challenges, or at the very least, find out how to improve your existing offerings. Believe us, your customers will thank you.

  1. What are your short-term and long-term goals?

Unlike the question above, which homes in on challenges, inquiring about goals dives into your customers’ desires. What do they hope their lives to be like in 6 months? In 5 years? For example, at Community Futures Manitoba, we might hear from a client that they want to start a business within the next year. Knowing this goal, we can then walk them through the beginning research and funding stages and into marketing their company for greater success.

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These 7 tips can help you get inside the minds of your clients and better address their needs—the key to a successful business. 


For even more effective tactics, download our free e-book: “5 Simple Strategies to Build Better Customer and Business Relationships!” You’ll receive this exclusive guide immediately. 

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