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    January 29, 2017

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    Owning a business can be a great fit for people with disabilities.   Statistics Canada recently announced that the unemployment rate in Canada is 6.6%.  According to Statistics Canada's data on the labour force status of adults with disabilities, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities is much higher at 11.8%.  For people with disabilities or health conditions self employment can be a viable option.

     Community Futures Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program assists people with disabilities or health conditions interested in starting or expanding a business.  There are many reasons people consider self employment.  Here are the top three reasons people with disabilities or health conditions find being their own boss a great fit!

    #1  Make Your Own Hours

    The flexibility of self employment can match the health and work/life balance needs of many entrepreneurs with disabilities or health conditions.  "It's great being my own boss because I get to set my own hours." says Candace Lipischak owner of Productions Canart Productions and winner of the 2012-2013 Just Watch Me! video contest.  "Sometimes it's not easy living with a disability.  You have to work around that so being able to be my own boss and have my own work hours and work schedule allows me to give my clients a better product and allows me to keep myself in check and in health as well."

    #2  Create Your Own Work Environment

    Many entrepreneurs choose to start a home based business.  For people with disabilities, their home may already be accessible to accommodate their needs.  "Working where I was working wasn't the right thing for me. A disability doesn't take time for lunch, or time for breaks, and 9 to 5.  It isn't 9 to 5." explains Candace Lipischak.  "So I thought it was the best path for me was to start my own business from home and this way it will give me the opportunity to take the rest that I need or take the time that I need in order to be creative and offer a better product to my clients."

    #3  Take Control of Your Destiny

    Taking control of your destiny and discovering what success means to you is important to the health and well being of everyone, including entrepreneurs with disabilities. "Success for me?  I believe I measure it in happiness.  Happiness is the key to life." says Candace Lipischak.  "And if you have asked for help along the way, or if you have had some obstacles that you have overcome, to me that is success. Every day that you wake up and you smile and you are able to work, because of your own business or because of what you do and it makes you happy, to me that is success!"

    For more information or to enter the Just Watch Me! video contest check out our website   Candace Lipischak's 2012-2013 winning video can be viewed at