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Since 1995, Mark Myrowich has owned and operated a company that specializes in erosion control of road ditch banks and other high-risk erosion areas.

After seeding an area where plants need to be established, a fibre blanket is stapled to the ground to prevent erosion for the duration of time it takes the plants to establish a root system that naturally prevents erosion. Environmentally friendly, the blanket biodegrades naturally over time.

With only one manufacturer making the innovative blankets in Canada, Myrowich – already an expert in the field – decided it was time to create a little home-grown competition.

In January 2001, opened for business. The Riverton plant manufactures rolled erosion control product (RECP), the technical name for the blankets. It is the only supplier of the blankets at a sixteen feet width. RECP's are made from natural fibres, mostly straw, wood, coir, cocos and recently, industrial hemp. The fibre is applied between two nets made from polypropylene or natural materials like jute, and then stitched together to form a rolled blanket. specializes in the manufacturing of rolled erosion control products (RECP) using wheat straw fibres and industrial hemp fibres. Blankets made from coconut fibre, jute or flax can also be made available upon request. The company is the only manufacturer in North America of RECP's made of industrial hemp.

Community Futures East Interlake's involvement with the launch of this innovative business was primarily in two areas: assistance with creating the business plan and financing for the start-up of the manufacturing plant. The business also leveraged over $250,000 from private sector funds. has contributed to the surrounding community by providing employment for ten full-time employees and additional markets for wheat and hemp straw.

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