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First Street Auto

Bob Shaw and Jack Komodowski have definetly learned a lot and overcame many obstacles in their first successful year at First Street Auto in Beausejour.

Bob and Jack reminisce on their first year in business: "I suppose that the most difficult time we had was the first few weeks of business. In those weeks we spent 14 hour days renovating and cleaning the shop so that we could be open for business. Once open we had to both work 12 hour days to keep up with the demand. However, putting in that many hours of hard work 7 days a week was a strain but it certainly left us with a real feeling of accomplishment and pride in our business".

Having a strong partnership was truly an asset to First Street Auto as Jack explains. "The most obvious benefit of a partnership is the sharing of the workload. It is also true that two heads are better than one and being able to bounce ideas off one another has certainly been an asset".

Jack and Bob have learned alot in their first year and have some knowledgeable wisdom to pass on to aspiring entrepreneurs."

'Do your Homework!' Preparation and research are essential to establishing a successful business. Also be prepared for lots of hard work and to sacrifice your personal life for an extended period of time. Until your business is firmly established and able to support itself, it will be necessary to be there to nurture and support it constantly."

Owners: Bob Shaw and Jack Komodowski

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