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Jensen Contracting Takes off Like Rocket

Bruce Jensen had worked in construction for many years and had thought about the idea of starting his own construction company.

While being laid off for the winter, Bruce heard about the Self Employment Assistance (SEA) Program from a friend. Bruce met with a business consultant at Community Futures Winnipeg River and became even more interested in his venture.

"It is tough to make the first step when you depend on that regular pay cheque," says Bruce. however, Bruce now did not have to make that difficult decision. On the SEA Program he was guaranteed his EI benefits during his first year in business. Bruce and his wife sat down and with the help of Manitoba Education & Training and Community Futures Winnipeg River and proceeded to make the business a reality.

"It was a lot of hard hours and work at the beginning, but when we were ready, the business took off like a rocket," laughed Bruce.

"We have over twenty jobs already booked for the spring, and who knows how many more jobs will come during the bust construction season".

Last year Jensen's Contracting employed five workers with one additional summer laborer. Bruce ran two construction crews last year and is planning to run three crews this year. Bruce expressed his contentment with the process by saying, "Business is doing extremely well!"

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