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Natural Impressions Landscaping

Jason Janoske and Jamie Pal applied for the SEA Program and were accepted in late December of 1999. Together with their business consultant at Community Futures Winnipeg River they developed a structured business plan and examined ways in which to market this new company.

It was realized that the best way to market and promote this company resulted in focusing on three important aspects of the business. Jamie and Jason first thought long and hard at how they would position themselves in the marketplace.

They decided that they would focus on the high-end sector of the industry. Next they knew that they had to develop an eye catching company name and logo that was unique. So they came up with "Natural Impressions Landscaping".

Then the two focused on successfully advertising the business in the magazines and stores that appealed to their high end target consumers. The result of having entered the market knowing who their target customer was and how they were going to meet their demands has resulted in Natural Impressions Landscaping becoming a true success on the Manitoba scene. Soon after the company was already booked for the entire year and has hired two crews to keep up with the growing work demand.

They landed a $200,000 contract for a single yard in East St.Paul; possibly, the most expensive 'single yard' landscaping contract in the history of Manitoba. The hard work and determination shown by these two individuals represents the true meaning of entrepreneur ship in Manitoba.

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