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Off the Tusk: Wild Boar Proves Popular

Tracy Abraham owns and operates Off The Tusk – Alternative Meat Selections. Off The Tusk is home-based, exotic meat marketing company located in the Rural Municipality of Whitemouth.

The company specializes in the processing and packaging of locally raised, government inspected Wild Boar meat. Off the Tusk has been successful in penetrating a marketplace that was not familiar with the features and health benefits of Wild Boar.

After one year of operation, the business is supplying meat to several local restaurants and grocery stores, as well as five restaurants in Winnipeg.

In addition to success at home, Off The Tusk has been able to build and maintain strong business relationships globally. Through active and decisive marketing strategies, the business has developed a network of exporting opportunities. Most recently, Off The Tusk has secured a five-year exporting contract with a major company in Japan.

Off the Tusk began operation in July 2002. Tracy participated in the Self Employment Assistance (SEA) Program through Winnipeg River Brokenhead CFDC and received assistance in developing her business plan.In May 2003, Winnipeg River Brokenhead CFDC provided financing through the Youth Loans Program. Funds to purchase equipment required to keep up with the growing demands of the business. The purchases included, a larger transport vehicle, livestock trailers, loading shoots and a walk-in cooler.

The business employs Tracy full-time and one other regular part-time position. Additionally, Tracy employs local butchers and slaughterhouses for assistance in processing the meat. Tracy continues to develop her business by implementing innovative marketing methods and participating in local and industry trade shows.

Tracy was recognized as Winnipeg River Bokenhead CFDCs 2002/2003 Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award recipient. Tracy and her unique business have been featured in several local newspaper articles.

Always looking to the future, Tracy, at a mere 23 years of age, is planning an expansion of her business including enhancing her product line to include other exotic alternative meats, such as Ostrich and Bison.

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