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Wonderful Waterway at Winnipegosis

The community of Winnipegosis has taken back Winnipegosis Beach from the waterweeds and reeds that have occupied the area over the last couple of years.

"The public, especially the youth, were not using the beach, as it had become deteriorated with not being groomed, trash in and around the area and excessive rocks," said Nester Barewsky, member of the Elks Lodge #108, a charity group that works for the betterment of it's community in Winnipegosis

The Elks Lodge #108 has long considered the beach a potential focal point for the area residents, day-trippers and campers staying at the campground in the summer.

"The beach, being close to the community's recreational facilities and campgrounds, has just as much potential to develop as other beaches in the area," added Barewsky.

And so, with a $5,000 Parkland Community Futures Development Corporation 2002 Tourism Grant and an additional $5,000 from the Village of Winnipegosis, the local Elks have turned their run-down beach into a community meeting summer spot.

"Not only did Community Futures Parkland view this as a positive community initiative, but we also recognized that the Elks Lodge's proposal hit a sector that we, as a regional development organization, had identified as a priority, that being tourism," said Lindsay Rubeniuk Zamonsky, the CF's Community Development Coordinator.

Within the first season of the clean-up effort, results were already apparent. The community has noticed that the people of Winnipegosis and the Rural Municipality of Mossey River have used the beach a lot more this past summer and the group is now trying to find marketing dollars to raise awareness of their beach to attract tourists from within the Province.

The beautification plans continue. Future aspirations for the next five years include a walkway along the beach with benches and eventually a pier to view the scenery. The development of a marina that would allow access to the beachfront is another project goal. The Elks have also partnered with Ocean and Fisheries to assist them with the development (plans, environmental concerns) of the area.

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