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Photo by Jamie Perchaluk

Community Ecomomic Development Services

Cedar Lake CFDC also provides Community Economic Development (CED) services to the communities within our region. CED has three important components: Strategic Planning, Facilitation and Project Development. Cedar Lake CFDC provides guidance and proper planning to assist in community growth through Project Development. 
This is an example.

Strategic Planning:

Service groups and organizations can benefit from strategic planning wherby past accomplishments can be reviewed and future goals established. Strategic Planning is a formal process to extract vital opinions and goals from Board/Committee Members and then develop a logical road map for the organization to follow in the coming year. This is essential for organizations which may have been in existance for many years and could be stuck in a rut and following the same routine in a rapidly changing world.


Similar to Strategic Planning, our role is to listen and encourage discussion. Facilitation services involve gathering the stakeholders around the same table in an organized discussion about a mutual concern. Whether it is to establish a committee for a specific task or to assist two groups to merge in an era of volunteerism, we may be able to help. Specific information rearding the concerns or the anticipated outcome would be needed prior to staff attending the session.

Project Development:

Cedar Lake CFDC assists in the developing of community projects within our region, through Facilitation and Strategic Planning. Cedar Lake CFDC has been involved in developing several community projects over the years.