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Community Development

Community Economic Development can be described or defined in many different ways. The most clear-cut definition of community economic development is:

Development of the community, by the community, for the community.

The word community comes from the Latin root communitas, which means fellowship. When we look at the word community, we see the two words common and unity.

It is important to remember community economic development is planned; it does not just happen on its own. It involves a participatory process whereby a group of people with a common cause get together and identify a common vision(s). These people set development goals and objectives and then put in place a plan to help them achieve their social, economic and other ends.

Community Support Services

Community Futures East Interlake is a resource to communities in the region and offers a variety of community support services.

Community Planning

Help identify and act on community priorities
Facilitate strategic planning for communities and community groups and organizations

Market Surveys & Data Collection

Help with community and business survey projects

Research Assistance

Resource for gathering and analyzing demographic and other statistical data.

Project Assistance

Help develop and assist you with your community projects

Project Funding

Building Interlake Growth Regionally (B.I.G.R): BIG-R Application
Build Interlake Growth Program: Download Application Package