Community Futures Greenstone Suite 228 – 35 Main Street, Flin Flon, MB - Phone: (204) 687-6967

Board of Directors/Committees


Tom Therien - Chair (Flin Flon)
Cathy Fidierchuk- Vice Chair (Cranberry Portage)
Cal Huntley- Sec/Treasurer (Flin Flon)
Ken Pawlachuk (Flin Flon)
Cathy Lofgren (Flin Flon)
Tiffany Anderson (Cranberry Portage)
Kim Stephen (Snow Lake)
Joy Capyk (Snow Lake)
Angela Enright (Snow Lake)
Debi Hatch (Sherridon)


Board Recruitment and Nomination Processes:

Board Members are appointed by their respective Mayor & Council. As members leave, we request new appointees from the individual community. We have a maximum of 11 board members representing our 4 communities.



Becky Cianflone - General Manager
Krista Lemcke - Business Development Coordinator
Michelle Schwartz - Office & Loans Administrator