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Community Futures Greenstone #1-79 Main Street, Flin Flon, MB - Phone: (204) 687-6967 

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We are pleased to announce that on May 27 we will be working with SuccessionMatching to present the workshop - “Not-For-Profit Succession Planning”.  This workshop is perfect for any staff,…
The WAW Grant and Mentorship opportunity is proudly co-presented by NACCA. We are offering one $2,000 grant and one-on-one 3-month mentorship to a woman who is looking to start a…
This workshop is perfect for any staff, executive, board or other volunteers that care about ensuring that community organizations continue to provide vital services. With the ageing demographics of volunteers…
The 2021 Community Projects Grant is a competitive program intended to provide up to $2,500 in support to projects for community benefit.  All details are in the attached application. Community_Projects_Grant_Application_2021.pdf
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Community Futures Greenstone
#1-79 Main Street
Flin Flon, MB
Phone: (204) 687-6967 

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Providing financing and support to rural entrepreneurs to develop their potential. Community Futures Greenstone strengthens communities in the region through innovative business and community economic development support services.