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Are you an existing or aspiring entrepreneur aged 29 or less?  This could be the avenue you are looking for.

LYNK is all about helping youth pursue entrepreneurship. Through a number of activities LYNK can guide new and existing youth entrepreneurs and help them discover their path in our economy. Some of the activities include presentations, workshops, access to webinars, internships and mentorships. 

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Are you an existing entrepreneur over the age of 29?  This might be more suited to you.  

The goals of the program are to:
·         Strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in rural and northern Manitoba
·         Ensure the strengthened ecosystem is easy for entrepreneurs to navigate
·         Provide opportunities for women to access mentorship and networks
·         Deliver training to entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs, and service providers who work with entrepreneurs
·         Create awareness of entrepreneurial resources and provide access to these in a one-stop-shop model thehubs