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Client Loans Appeal Process

If in the event that a loan application gets denied from a client to Community Futures Heartland and the client wishes to appeal the loan decision, the following procedure will be followed.

i.    The client must provide the loans officer in charge of the file a written document stating they wish to appeal the decision and reasons why.  The loans officer will then reply in writing to the applicant the reasoning behind the loan decision and its rejection.

ii.    If the client is unsatisfied with the written explanation the loans officer will forward both letters to the General Manager for further discussions with the client.

iii.   The General Manager along with the loans officer will discuss the situation with the client. If the General Manager and client cannot come to an understanding and conclusion on the loan decision the General Manager will forward the appeal to the Investment Review Committee for consideration.  The IRC then has authority to reexamine the loan application and make another decision on the loan.  The client may then introduce new facts to the IRC to improve their application.

iv.   If the loan application is again denied the IRC will provide the client a written letter stating the reasons behind their decision.

v.    If the client is still not satisfied with the decision, they may make a written appeal on the decision to the General Manager and it will be forwarded to the entire Board of Directors.  The directors then at their next scheduled meeting will review the appeal.  The Board of Directors will then review the loan application, loan decision as well as the appeal letters.  The board will then make a decision on the loan application and either accept it or reject it.  A letter stating the decision will be provided to the client.

vi.    If the loan is again rejected and the client is not satisfied of the decision, the client must make an application in writing to the Board of Directors who will then ask the Executive Director of Community Futures Manitoba to review the entire loan application and appeal letters and offer their suggestion to the Board of Directors.  Once the Executive Director of Community Futures Manitoba and the Board of Community Futures Heartland have reached an agreement on the loan application, a final letter of either acceptance of rejection of the loan application will be sent to the client.  This letter, if the application is rejected, will be the final step in the loans appeal process and the board of Community Futures Heartland will not entertain another appeal on the loan application.

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