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Board of Directors/Committees & Corporate Policies


Chairperson - Marcel Moody, Nelson House First Nation
Vice Chairperson - Glen Flett, Norway House Community Council
Treasurer - June Chu, Wabowden
Secretary - Les Ellsworth, City of Thompson



Churchill Bill Dingwall
Cross Lake Community Council Darlene Beck
Cross Lake First Nation Vacant
Fox Lake First Nation Sandra Nabess
Gillam Vacant
Ilford Jim Chornoby
Nelson House Community Council Vacant
Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation Marcel Moody
Norway House Cree Nation Vacant
Norway House Community Council Glen Flett
Pikwitonei Annette Cordell
Tataskweyak Cree Nation Keith Burak
Thicket Portage Donald Pronteau Sr.
Thompson Les Ellsworth | Brian Lundmark
Wabowden June Chu
War Lake First Nation Vacant
York Landing Louisa Constant


Community Development 

Gary Ceppetelli

Frances McIvor

Joanne Pronteau

Business Development

Nick DiVirgilio

Penny Byer



Darlene Beck
Frances McIvor
Gary Ceppetelli

The Community Development Committee (CDC) meets on a bi-monthly basis throughout the year. Committee Members are appointed during the Annual General Meeting. Volunteers on the CDC do not have to be Board Members of the Corporation.



Penny Byer, Committee Chair
Marcel Moody
Glen Flett
June Chu
Keith Burak
Joanne Pronteau
Nick DiVirgilio

The Business Development Committee (BDC) meets on a monthly or as-needed basis to review CFNCD loan applications. The committee is made up of volunteer representatives from communities in the North Central Region. CFNCD encourages representation from each of the three types of communities in our region (Urban Industrial, First Nation and Indigenous and Northern Relations) on all committees of the organization, including the Business Development Committee. Committees of the organization are appointed annually at the Annual General Meeting. The BDC Committee is also available to volunteers who are not Board Members of the Corporation.



Election of Board Members/Officers

Board of Directors, The Corporation shall be governed by a Board of Directors composed of those representatives appointed by member communities in the North Central region.
The Corporation shall be governed by a Board of Directors composed of those representatives appointed by member communities in the North Central region. Directors will be appointed for a three year term, renewable to an additional two consecutive terms for a maximum of nine years. An individual must wait for a minimum of one-year before they are eligible for reappointment to the Board, after having served the maximum tenure of nine (9) years.


The Officers of the Board of Directors are:
• the Chairperson,
• the Vice-Chairperson,
• the Secretary,
• the Treasurer and,
• the Past Chairperson
The Officers of the Board of Directors are elected by the Board for a term of one year at the first meeting in each fiscal year. They represent the community groups (First Nations, Northern Affairs, Urban Industrial).
The term of office is one year. All Officers may be re-elected for more than one term.
If an Officer is not re-appointed by the member Community that officer may continue their term until the first meeting of the Board in the fiscal year.
An Officer may be expelled from office by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors at any meeting of the Board.

Board Committees / Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors will be appointed as follows:
• The Chairman of the Board shall be the Chairman of the Executive Committee,
• The Vice-Chairman of the Board will be the Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee,
• The Secretary of the Board will be the Secretary of the Executive Committee, and
• The Treasurer of the Board will be the Treasurer of the Executive Committee.

Standing / Other Committees

The Board will establish the following as standing committees of the Corporation:
• Business Development (Investment Review Committee), and
• Community Development Committee (Includes: Youth/Disability)

Nomination Committee

The Nominating Committee is to be comprised annual by members named by the Executive Committee at the first meeting, including: immediate Past Chair (if available) or predecessor, General Manager and Volunteer (familiar with Community Futures North Central Development).

Board Recruitment

Residents of the North Central region may apply through their local municipality / band office to become Community Futures Board Members. Applications must be approved by resolution of councils.
Municipality / Band Officers may appoint by resolution, a member of their council or community to the CFNCD Board of Directors.

Board Composition

The property and business of the Corporation shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of a maximum of seventeen. A majority of active members of the Board of Directors constitute a quorum at meetings of the Board for the transaction of business.
The ownership and control of the Corporation is vested in the Board of Directors, who represent a cross-section of geographic and sectorial interests throughout the region. Representatives will represent the following community groups: First Nations, Northern Affairs, and Urban Industrial.

The Corporation will strive to have gender balanced representation. Composition of the board will aim to represent the following sectors:

Economic / Community Development

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