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Current Projects & Involvement

Churchill Region Economic Development Fund (CRED): CFNCD continues to play a role on the CRED management review committee. Manager Tim Johnston sits as the Committee Chairperson. The CFNCD team has worked extensively with CRED applicants on their start-up, expansion and partnership planning.

Indigenous Accord: CFNCD continues to participate in regular Indigenous Accord meetings.

Lions Manor 55+ (LM55): A newly constructed seniors complex, located in Thompson. CFNCD provides administrative support to the LM55 Committee in the areas of: marketing, construction, governance, fundraising, sales process and administration. This project is expected to be complete by October 2020.

Mining Association of Canada: Manager Tim Johnston participates on the Community of Interest Panel on behalf of CFNCD.

Northern Values (Sustainable Development of the Boreal in Northern MB): CFNCD held a contract with Ducks Unlimited Canada to coordinate the Project Management Team relating to the Declaration of Common Values for the Sustainable Development of the Boreal in Northern Manitoba again in 2019/2020. Over the fiscal year the Project Management Team focused mainly on marketing the declaration after pausing briefly to allow for the Look North process in 2017/2018. Highlights over the year included:
• Declaration of Northern Values plaque initiative;
• Northern Values principles being applied to the Northern Manitoba Snowmobile Tourism Strategy;  
• Event sponsorships;
• Participation in several events and
• 2018/2019 marketing strategy.

Northern Manitoba Snowmobile Tourism Strategy: CFNCD was successful in obtaining a grant from the Churchill Regional Economic Development Fund in 2018/2019 to host a one-day snowmobile tourism summit. The summit took place in November 2018 (30+ participants) in Snow Lake . A detailed report was created from the findings and presentations. Travel Manitoba, Community Futures Greenstone, the City of Thompson, City of Flin Flon, Town of The Pas, Town of Snow Lake and Community Futures Cedar Lake were project partners.
Phase Two of this project includes the strategy drafted at the summit being put to action, led by a paid staff person, or a Northern Coordinator. As well, four task force committees be formed to lead, manage and evaluate the plan.

Settlement Services: Since 2008, CFNCD has held the contract to provide Settlement Services program in the north central region, and works closely with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to deliver this program.  Visit the Settlement Services website:
or call the Settlement Services Coordinator at 204-670-5193 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thompson Regional Airport: CFNCD is one of the 3 founding members of the TRAA. Glen Flett, Board Member, Norway House Community Council sits as the CFNCD Board Representative.

Vision Quest: CFNCD is a long time planning partner in the annual Vision Quest Conference.