17 Life-Changing Reasons to Start a Small Business in Rural Manitoba

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Big Dreams, Small Town Living: Launch Your Business in Rural Manitoba!  

Have you dreamed of starting a successful small business but thought that it was impossible while living in a rural area? Maybe a few naysayers have even told you that entrepreneurship is better left to those in bigger cities….   

We are here to tell you that’s just plain untrue! Small businesses can—and do!—succeed across rural Manitoba every day, and they are built by people just like you. In fact, the Government of Canada reports that there are 37,776 small businesses (companies employing up to 99 employees) in Manitoba alone!

For that reason, along with so many more, Community Futures has created a helpful guide, “17 Life-Changing Reasons to Start a Small Business in Rural Manitoba.” In this valuable resource, you will learn:

  • How entrepreneurship can help you become more involved in, and connected with, your community
  • The huge economic impact that small businesses have on rural Manitoban economies
  • Why entrepreneurship is perfect for people who want control over their career and lifestyle, and those with disabilities or chronic health conditions
  • Why starting a small business in rural Manitoba can be a more savvy financial decision than pursuing entrepreneurship in an urban hub

Don’t wait to download your complimentary e-book and discover why so many passionate, innovative citizens across rural Manitoba are starting small businesses today.

If you have any questions or concerns about how you can make your small business dream a reality, the teams at each of our 16 convenient Community Futures locations across the province are standing by to help!

Community Futures Manitoba is committed to helping you market your small business, whether it’s an ecommerce company or brick-and-mortar store, so you can be a successful entrepreneur. Find the nearest regional office at www.cfmanitoba.ca and get the support you need to build your small business today.

*This e-book is intended for informational and inspirational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional and/or legal advice.*


Offer - 17 Life-Changing Reasons to Start a Small Business in Rural Manitoba

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