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CF Parkland Receives $1.2 Million

  • June 12, 2019
  • Written by Parkland Admin

Community Futures Parkland awarded 1.2 million from Women Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Fund through Western Economic Diversification Canada

In rural and northern Manitoba, we often admire the opportunities that exist for entrepreneurs within urban centres and hope that we will someday have access to these same resources. Today, Community Futures Parkland and their partners are joining the movement that will work towards increasing access for women entrepreneurs across Manitoba. The by-rural, for-rural approach will provide tailored, women-centred opportunities for: co-working spaces, business supports and programming, networking, and training. Clients will feel supported and inspired as they experience higher levels of collaboration, productivity, and innovation. 

Community Futures Parkland and Community Futures Greenstone will oversee two new facilities, located in Dauphin and Flin Flon, that will offer flexible work environments with a focus on province-wide virtual connections. The network made possible by these interconnected Hubs will ensure that more women are able to create the businesses, careers, and lifestyles that they want with the support that they require.

In the coming months, staff will be hired to join CF Parkland, CF Greenstone, and their partners on this exciting journey that will span the next four years. 

This project has a specific focus on women entrepreneurs and will be designed to be “women-centred” it is important to note that what is good for women in business is beneficial for everyone in business. The core-services provided by the soon to be established Hubs will be open and welcoming to all. One of the project’s main goals is to create a community over competition mindset for Manitoba’s rural and northern entrepreneurship ecosystem. 

The multi-year funding provided by Western Economic Diversification Canada will allow CF Parkland, CF Greenstone and partners the resources required to change the landscape of entrepreneurship in rural and northern Manitoba. Positive change will be implemented with guidance and input from local entrepreneurs themselves to ensure that the services provided match their actual needs. The funding model will ensure that the project remains sustainable beyond the project end-date, resulting in ongoing, high-level service to rural and northern Manitoba entrepreneurs. 

We are grateful to the Government of Canada for its commitment to this project and inspired by the long term vision and support to entrepreneurship in rural and northern Manitoba.

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