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Community Development


Our goal is to work cooperatively within the Parkland by promoting leadership and providing support to individuals, organizations, and communities and to build regional capacity which promotes economic growth, stability, and a positive entrepreneurial environment thereby enhancing quality of life.                       

Here you'll find a list of core services that are offered on an ongoing basis. Please check our Annual Projects & News pages to see more about the Community Development work that we do. Community Futures Parkland is always open to opportunities for partnership with local and regional organizations on community economic development projects.

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Our team is trained in developing and facilitating individualized and context-specific strategic and program plans.  Please contact us if you wish to learn more about these services.  

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Our Community Development Coordinator can help you find and apply for funding opportunities and grants to support your community economic development projects. Please contact us if you wish to learn more about these services.

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We are always open to opportunities to develop partnerships with other service providers in our region. If you think that your community would benefit from CFP's services or a partnership with CFP on a specific project please contact us. Our staff can come to your community to deliver information sessions specific to your needs and community circumstances.

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Training can be delivered to community groups, organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Municipal Offices/Governments, and anyone else with an interest in CED. Delivery will be offered when training modules are finalized- we will announce this on our News and Facebook pages. Please contact us if you wish to learn more about this opportunity.