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Business Services

The Southeast Economic Development Division consists of these programs:

Southeast Community Futures Development Corporation

Our mandate is to create a level of independence within the Southeast First Nations by fostering the organizational infrastructure and assisting in the implementation of economic activities which create income for communities and their residents.

We promote and establish employment opportunities through long-term planning by the creation of viable businesses and socio-economic development within the Southeast Resource Development Council region of Manitoba.

The SCFDC provides the following services:

  • Small business counseling
  • Developing business and work plans Post-loan counseling
  • Planning Workshop/Seminars
  • General Business Loans -  maximum $125.000.00 repayable loan
  • Youth Business Loans – maximum $25,000.00 repayable loan
  • Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Loans – maximum $125,000.00 repayable loan
  • Canada – Manitoba Business Service Centre (CMBSC) satellite office for resources and information.

To apply, please download the SCFDC Loan Application (under "Forms").

Southeast Community Futures Development Corporation - Loan Appeal Process

In the event a client wishes to appeal the decision made by the SCFDC Loan Committee the following process must be adhered to:

  • Within 15 days from the date the client received the decision the client provides written notice to the Chairman of the SCFDC Board of Directors clearly stating the reason for his/her appeal.
  • The SCFDC Chairman forwards the appeal to the General Manager of SCFDC who then compiles all information regarding the application in question and forwards this to the SCFDC Board of Directors (i.e. review/analysis supporting the decision of loan committee).
  • The SCFDC Board of Directors will review the loan decision made by the SCFDC Loan committee and following the review will provide the appellant with a clearly written non-binding recommendation on the appeal.
  • The SCFDC Board of Directors review must be completed within 15 days of receiving the written appeal.

In the event the recommendation of the SCFDC Board of Directors is to uphold the decision of the SCFDC Loan Committee the applicant may request further consideration by providing written notice to Community Futures Investment Fund Committee located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This is a Provincial Association that works with all 16 Community Futures Offices across Manitoba and the committee is comprised of Board members from various Community Futures offices. All information pertaining to the appeal will be forwarded to the Community Futures Investment Fund Committee upon request.

Community Economic Development Program

This program spearheads and creates economic benefits including more community employment, greater utilization and increased value of land and resources under community control, government revenue from economic development, enhanced economic infrastructure, accessing opportunities from land and resources beyond community control, more investment in the community, better climate and environment for community economic development, more and larger community businesses, more contracts and sales for community businesses, and enhanced capacity within the community government to address future economic opportunities.