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Community Development

The Southeast Community Futures Development Corporation (SCFDC) was incorporated in 1985 and originally funded through Human Resource Development Canada (HRDC).  At the time HRDC made available $1.5 million to be use specifically as a loan fund.  To date SCFDC has accessed $990, 245 of these funds for this specific purpose. Currently, we are one of sixteen Business Development Corporations in Manitoba funded by Western Economic Diversification.

The Community Futures programs operate across rural and Northern Canada as a grassroots-driven program created to strengthen rural economies by enabling entrepreneurship and assisting in community economic development." "The Community Economic Development Program is expected to lead community economic benefits including more community employment, greater utilization and increased value of land and resources under community control, more community government revenue from economic development, enhanced community economic infrastructure, more and better arrangements to access opportunities from land and resources beyond community control, more investment in the community, a better climate and environment for community economic development, more and larger community businesses, more contracts and sales for community businesses, and enhanced capacity within the community government to address future economic opportunities.

The Southeast Training & Employment Program, formally known, as "Pathways" has been in existence since 1995.  The Program now referred to as the Aboriginal Skills & Employment Training Strategy integrates five program areas, employment and training, daycare, youth, persons with disabilities, and capacity building into a single agreement between Service Canada and the First Peoples Development Inc. (F.P.D.I.). Through a sub-agreement with F.P.D.I., the Southeast Resource Development Council (SERDC) receives funding on an annual basis to provide all employment and training program initiatives and services to all individual member First Nations they represent regardless of residency in Canada or elsewhere.

The Southeast Economic Development Division, through these two programs is responsible for assisting the nine Southeast First Nations in the area of Economic Development and Training and Development.