Community Futures West Interlake #61 TBJ Mall Main Street, Box 68, Ashern, MB - Phone: (204) 768-3351

Board of Directors/Committee


RM of Woodlands - 
Darryl Langrell -
 Warren- Investment Committee - self-employed Electrician 
Lori Schellekens - Warren - RM of Woodlands Reeve - self-employed Greenhouse and Floral Design   

RM of St. Laurent
Guy Dumont - 
St. Laurent - Investment Committee - Economic Development Officer for the RM of St. Laurent
Phil Mathews - 
St. Laurent - RM of St. Laurent Councillor - Retired from Construction

RM of Coldwell
Jim Scharf -
 Lundar- Investment Committee - RM of Coldwell Councillor - Cattle Farmer
Debbie Valiquette - 
Lundar - Grocery Store Manager     

RM of West Interlake
Diane Bottrell -
 Chairperson -
Eriksdale - Investment Committee - Economic Development Officer for West Interlake (Eriksdale)
Clayton Gibson - Secretary/Treasurer - Ashern - RM of West Interlake Councillor - Self-employed Property Manager  

RM of Grahamdale
Jason Bittner - Hilbre - Investment Committee -  RM of Grahamdale Councillor - Technical Analyst  - Grain Farmer - Commercial Fisherman
Janice Lowry -
Moosehorn - Retired Public Health Nurse  

Executive Committee: 
The Chairperson of the Board, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary-Treasurer shall constitute the Executive Committee, deal with ongoing operations of the Corporation.

Investment Review Committee:  The Investment Review Committee consists of one member representing each of the five municipalities.  The Investment Review Committee shall be appointed by the Board of Directors.  Preferably the members will have business experience.  The Investment Review Committee report results of their activities, not the clients to the whole board.  The committee meet prior to the regular CF board meeting.

Other Committee:  Ad-hoc committees are formed on an as-needed basis for special projects and initiatives.      

Board Composition:

Community Futures West Interlake is governed by a Board of Directors composed of 10 persons elected/appointed by the Municipal Councils.  Two directors may be elected/appointed from each of the RM's of Grahamdale, West Interlake, Coldwell, St. Laurent and Woodlands.

Directors are elected/appointed for a maximum tenure of 9 consecutive years.  In order to accommodate existing board members and officer positions this policy will become effective, fiscal year 2016.  If a board member is off the board for a year or more, anytime within or following the 9 year term, they may be reinstated to the board for a new 9 year term.

Volunteers on the Board of Directors of Community Futures and who work on committees shall come from all sectors of the community.  They shall represent industry sectors, small and large business, or are representatives of regional and social agencies. Board members should be representative of the population we serve based on economics, language, gender, skills, and stakeholder groups.  The board members bring their expertise in the following sectors:

  • Business
  • Finances
  • Education
  • Social development
  • Self-employed/entrepreneur
  • Tourism
  • Agriculture production processing
  • Government/health
  • Culture/heritage

Board Recruitment:

Community Futures West Interlake are elected/appointed by the Municipal Councils from each of the RM's of Grahamdale, West Interlake, Coldwell, St. Laurent and Woodlands.  We advise Council on potential candidates based on gender, sector, skills required and stakeholder groups to try to ensure our board is representative of the region.


Lana Cowling-Mason, General Manager/Community Development Coordinator 
Shanto Mathew
, Business Analyst
Kelynda Springer, Office Administrator