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Interlake Tourism Association - Tourism Development Fund

  • March 27, 2018
  • Written by West Interlake Admin

Interlake Tourism Association

Tourism Development Fund - Program Information & Guidelines

The program provides financial support for projects that develop new, or enhance existing, tourism products. Projects must contribute to the core Manitoba tourism experience, a unique blend of cultural and nature-based attractions and travel experiences.

The program supports non-capital (ie. costs associated with acquiring property, construction or acquisition of capital assets) tourism development projects, specifically:

  • Community-based projects that enhance the quality of tourism attractions
  • Improve the market readiness of tourism products, or
  • Develop travel experiences (immersive learning programs) that tell unique and authentic local stories.

The program encourages tourism development and integration of regional tourism themes and unique local stories into tourism activities.  Preference will be given to projects that are focused on one of the following regional tourism priorities:

  • Culture and heritage
  • Trail-based and nature-based outdoor recreation
  • Agri-tourism and culinary tourism
  • Wildlife and nature viewing

Program Guidelines and Application.