Community Futures Westman Unit D - 217 10th Street, Brandon, MB - Phone: (204) 726-1513

Board of Directors/Committee

Community Futures Westman's Board of Directors is made up of a cross-section of geographic and sector interests throughout the region. Current board members include:

Debbie Eastcott, Shoal Lake, Chairperson
Liza Park, Virden, Vice-Chairperson
Conrad Kelm, Deloraine, Treasurer
Laurie Campbell, Killarney, Secretary
Wayne Kelly, Brandon, Voting Member
Bruce Gullett, Wawanesa, Voting Member
Chris Yuen, Minnedosa, Voting Member
Kit Harrison, Brandon, Voting Member


Executive Committee:

Consisting of the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson, the Secretary and the Treasurer, the Executive Committee deals with matters from the ongoing operations of CF Westman requiring immediate attention.

Investment Review Committee:

The Investment Review Committee consists of 3-5 current Board Members, on a one-year rotating basis at staggered intervals, to ensure continuity on the committee. The IRC determines the viability of applications and has the authority to make investments on behalf of Community Futures Westman. The IRC meets as often as required.

Other Committees:

Ad-hoc committees are formed on an as-needed basis for special projects and initiatives.

Board Composition:

The property and business of the Corporation shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of a minimum of three and a maximum of twenty-one, a majority sitting directors shall constitute a quorum.  The ownership and control of the Corporation is vested in this Board of Directors, who represent a cross-section of geographic and sectorial interests from throughout the region.  To reach this representation the region is divided into five zones, two zones north of highway #1, two zones south of highway #1 and the City of Brandon as the fifth zone.  The Corporation has a target of twelve to fifteen directors at any given time and uses the following formula to achieve this; each zone must have two representatives giving the Corporation the opportunity to select up to five sectorial representatives throughout the region.  The Corporation will strive to have gender balanced representation.  Composition of the board will aim to represent at least five of these sectors:

  • Education
  • Finance
  • Tourism
  • Oil and Gas
  • Ag Service
  • Military
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Economic/Community Development

Board Recruitment:

Residents of the Westman Region may apply to become Community Futures board members.  Nominations are also accepted from the sitting board of directors.  Applications and nominations are reviewed by the board of directors followed by a ballot vote to accept new directors.