Community Futures Westman Unit D - 217 10th Street, Brandon, MB - Phone: (204) 726-1513

Community Development

Community development at Community Futures Westman involves assisting a community to identify its own resources; its own particular needs and may be able to help identify a process to initiate action to make things happen. This might be done through strategic planning activities, education and training activities, information gathering and so on. It may also involve partnering with other resource agencies in order to reduce any potential duplication of effort.

Community Development projects include:

  • Brandon Community Food Assessment - this project focused on food availability/affordability and support programs available to address food security in Brandon.
  • Brandon Fruit Share - dedicated to picking, sharing and enjoying fresh fruit growing in backyards throughout Manitoba.  Fruit Share connects fruit owners with surplus fruit with volunteer fruit pickers.  The volunteers pick the fruit and share it between the fruit owners, the volunteers and community groups.
  • Targeted Immigration - Community Futures Westman met with immigrants with landed status interested in pursuing entrepreneurship and small business start-ups within the region.
  • Bolivian Project - Community Futures Westman was involved with a community economic development partnership between organizations in Bolivia and Canada. The goals of the project were to assess whether opportunities for expansion into the Canadian fair trade market existed and to prepare Bolivian quino and coffee farmers to access the Canadian fair trade markets. A placement from Bolivia, Jaime Andrade worked out of the CF Westman office for two months to study Canadian markets first hand.
  • UNIEK Arts Festival - Community Futures Westman organized a web-based, interactive arts festival to help rural youth connect with others who share the same artistic interests. The UNIEK Arts Festival was designed to celebrate and showcase the artistic talents of youth in Rural Manitoba, Nationally and Globally. Youth aged 15-29 submitted their original artwork in five categories: Music, Photography, Film & Video, Visual Artws and Creative Writing. The project was wrapped up with the UNIEK Arts Festival Gala where the talents of Manitoba's Youth were showcased, including live outdoor entertainment, and the winners in each category were announced.