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Business Services


Our quarterly skill development seminars are geared toward businesses in the start-up phase, and will help you explore your ideas, assess if you are ready to develop and implement your ideas, and take you through the next steps of your business planning.

We also offer full-day business skill-development seminars tailored to fit the needs of the seasoned entrepreneurs and business owners. However, if you are just starting out, these session will help you as well. The seminars discuss topics related to marketing, operational efficiencies, financial management, assessing your business for efficiency and good management, how technology and innovation can grow your business, succession planning, and much more.


We support entrepreneurs and businesses with ideas around start-up, expansion, or succession exploration. When you’re ready to take action on your idea, we are here to offer you guidance and connect you to the resources needed to help develop your plan and business model that map out how to execute your business idea. We can help you assess your plan or business to identify gaps and opportunities. We can also help you identify other business resources you may need, and provide you support in accessing those resources. We do this through one-on-one meetings, and with continuous support throughout (and after) the entire process.


Determining the best financing formula for your business can be challenging. Sometimes the complicated applications, or even trying to figure out if you meet the financing criteria can make the search for funding feel like a daunting task.

Don’t worry, we help with this too! We assist you in identifying which financing is available for you to access, work with you through the application process, and will be there with you every step of the way. You can also access our opportunity loan funds, a value up to $150,000. Whether you are just starting up or are already in business, we would recommend contacting one of our experts who can make sure you are ready for the financial “ask”, and if you are “asking” the right lender or program, before you try accessing any business financing yourself.


1. Upon the Loan Review Committee’s (LRC) declining of a loan application, the Executive Director shall meet with the loan applicant to inform them of the LRC’s decision and how it was arrived at.

2. If the loan applicant wishes to appeal the decision, he/she may request a meeting with the LRC. The Chair of the LRC shall call a meeting of the LRC wherein they shall meet with the applicant to hear and discuss the appeal. The LRC may choose to reconsider their decision in light of any new material which may be presented by the applicant. The reconsideration need not take place at the same time as the meeting with the applicant. Once the LRC has reached another decision, the Executive Director shall inform the applicant of the decision.

3. If the application is once again rejected and the client wishes to appeal a second time, he/she may do so to the full CF WHP Board of Directors.

4. If the application is once again rejected and the client wishes to appeal further, he/she may request a review by the Manitoba Community Futures Investment Fund Investment Review Committee (MB CFIF IRC). The MB CFIF IRC shall review the loan application and supporting documentation, any further information supplied to the LRC and CF WHP board by the applicant, the procedure and process followed and shall decide if the process and procedure was fair, equitable and sufficient. The decision of the MB CFIF IRC will be final.

Additional Information
1. The loan applicant must submit their request for appeals in writing. Any further information to be considered must also be submitted in writing.
2. The loan applicant must also have the decisions of the appeals delivered in a written manner.
3. Written records of all interactions, decisions, etc. must be included in the client’s master file.

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Community Futures White Horse Plains
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Phone: (204) 353-4200


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Providing financing and support to rural entrepreneurs to develop their potential. Community Futures White Horse Plains strengthens communities in the region through innovative business and community economic development support services.