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Building on the success of last year’s “Made in Manitoba MEET & MATCH” event – the first business to business (B2B) networking event of its kind featuring Made in Manitoba products held in the Eastman region – Community Futures Winnipeg River is hosting this event again but with an exciting new twist.

The event will again be held in Beausejour at the Brokenhead River Community Hall and will take place on March 21 from 4pm – 9pm. It will continue to focus on Made in Manitoba products and will now be marketed and open to the general public instead of being a solely B2B networking event. Prior to the doors opening to the public at 5pm, business owners in attendance will have the opportunity to network with one another. The public is invited to attend free of charge between 5-9 pm to discover and purchase Made in Manitoba products.

This event is intended to match Manitoba business owners with Made in Manitoba business products and services and to showcase these products to the public. The goals of this event are to connect Manitoba businesses; create mutually beneficial collaborations; promote locally made products; and keep money circulating in Manitoba for a stronger economy.

The cost to register as a Showcaser is $50.00 and payment can be mailed in to our office. Please download the Showcaser Registration form for more details.

Click here to download our Showcaser Terms and Conditions which provides further clarity about the event.

We look forward to another successful Made in Manitoba MEET & MATCH event.