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Community Development

Community Development is the planned evolution of all aspects of community well being - economic, social, environmental, and cultural. Specific Community Development services that CFWR offers to municipalities, Chambers of Commerce, Community Development Corporations and other local groups to promote economic development are:

  • Organizational Development Assistance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Workshops and Presentations
  • Project Development Assistance
  • Regional Promotion and Development


We can assist you in the steps involved in establishing a new committee, nonprofit, or charitable organization. If your existing organization requires restructuring or development, we can help with that too. Consultation can be provided in areas such as constitution and by-laws; policies and procedures; committee terms of reference; organizational charts, etc.


Through strategic planning organizations analyze their current operations and determine directions to take in achieving their ideal future vision. Benefits include improved communication and teamwork; better alignment of activities and resources; clear strategies and action plans; and deeper understanding and commitment to the organization. Strategic planning is a tool that can greatly benefit any non-profit or for-profit agency of any sector, size or stage of development. Our staff can facilitate the planning for your group and help develop the planning document to guide your organization.


People run organizations, so building skills and knowledge in each person and the group as a whole is a smart investment. CFWR has a number of workshop/presentations designed to enhance human capacity for community development. The workshops/presentations are geared towards nonprofit groups and topics include board development, organizational planning, proposal writing, and teamwork. See our Community Development Workshops Brochure for a complete listing.


Do you have a new idea for a project, program or service but are not sure how to proceed? Come and tell us about it. We can provide advice on process steps, concept development, project planning, finding partners and funding, and organizing a project committee. We can help assess the feasibility of your project and set you up for success.


Where there are regional opportunities for social or economic development, you will find Community Futures. We can help develop partnerships and facilitate planning among communities, sectors, businesses and social organizations to advance regional initiatives and address common challenges. We love Eastern Manitoba and promote our businesses, organizations, and the region as a whole whenever possible. There is much to be sought and enjoyed in this area and we think everyone should come and check us out!

For More information please contact Sharalyn Reitlo at (204)345-2514 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.