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Community Futures Winnipeg River 4 Park Avenue, Box 505, Lac du Bonnet, MB - Phone: (204) 345-2514

Welcome to Community Futures Winnipeg River

Community Futures Winnipeg River (CFWR) is a community based, regional economic development organization serving the North Eastman region of Manitoba since 1988. We are one of 16 Community Futures Development Corporations in Manitoba and are funded primarily by Prairies Economic Development Canada.

CFWR works to enhance community growth and prosperity for the North Eastman region. We build strength and knowledge within our businesses, entrepreneurs, social organizations, and local governments. At the heart of the Community Futures program is a firm belief that building local capacity gives communities the strength and ability to shape their own futures and to thrive in a changing economic environment.

Our programs and services are designed to help rural communities strengthen the social fabric and economic potential and to capitalize on regional economic opportunities. Strong leaders, strategic partnerships, and effective organizations make our region the diverse, economically sustainable place we call home.


Community Futures Winnipeg River strengthens rural economies by promoting entrepreneurship and supporting sustainable community economic development within the region.


Winnipeg River is a growing and collaborative region where strong leadership, strategic partnerships and entrepreneurial spirit create a diverse, economically sustainable place to call home.

Value Statements

CFWR is grassroots driven and we believe in helping communities to help themselves. The following principles depict the standards we operate from:

ENABLE communities, businesses and nonprofits to realize dreams and potential.

MOTIVATE and counsel to help turn ideas to reality.

PLAN to ensure feasibility prior to investment.

OPERATE with high integrity and provide excellent service.

WORK hard, be accountable, and lead by example.

EMBRACE new opportunities and innovative thinking.

RESOURCE projects through strategic partnerships and access to supports.

Value Proposition

Discover the full potential of your business or organization!

From start up to expansion, Community Futures Winnipeg River (CFWR) can help take your project, business, or organizational development from idea to reality. We offer a variety of complimentary services to businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profit agencies that include planning, counseling, information resources, training, support referrals and business financing. CFWR has navigated development in the North Eastman Region of Manitoba for 34 years, one idea at a time.

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Community Futures Winnipeg River
4 Park Avenue, Box 505
Lac du Bonnet, MB
Phone: (204) 345-2514


About Community Futures Winnipeg River

Providing financing and support to rural entrepreneurs to develop their potential. Community Futures Winnipeg River strengthens communities in the region through innovative business and community economic development support services.